Sunday, March 2, 2008


i'm taking a music class for my liberal credits, plus the fact that it fit right in my block schedule for this sem. anyway, we are supposed to write a paper about any american music/concert that we have to go see live. i decided to go and check out the juilliard school, which is a train ride away from my place, only knowing they performed live music and its free. i like's em free. plus they played orchestral music. i like's me some orchestral music. secretly.

so yea, yesterday i decided to check out their site and look up their calendar for their next presentation and found one rightaway. it was at 8pm. i went there with a friend, we missed the first half cause we arrived late. we could still hear the music while we were outside and my goodness i hated myself for not knowing about this goldmine for all of my 6 years in ny.

it was a pre college concert, but it was like listening to pro's. ok ok so maybe i couldn't compare them to pro's since that was my first time ever in an orchestra, but damn. you know. damn... they kicked ass.

it's times like those that make me wish i learned how to play the piano as a kid. who knows, you know, if i did play the piano back now i'd still probably not make it in juilliard but atleast i'd know how to play the piano and be like, oh man i'm glad i learned how to play the piano as a kid. i'd probably end up buying a keyboard right after. good stuff...very good. i already plan to go visit them as often as possible. i like's me some good orchestra. secretly. you should check em out. secretly.

Friday, December 28, 2007

still alive

so i finally sat down and took some time off to finish the one game i haven't finished from The Orange Box purchase i've made, which was around... mmm... i don't remember when, but it was a while back...i didn't finish it because during my first stage run, i really didn't get what was so funny about a monotoned-female-robotic-voice telling you what and what not to do...yeah she talks about cake and all, so what? and team fortress 2 and the half life episodes were much cooler games, so i was like...ah whatever, i'll skip this...a few weeks later and... i kind of regret that i'm way behind in appreciating how much fun the game actually is! and is funny...the puzzles are actually well exploited, combined with the tools you're provided...and the end song! hahahahaha! that took the "CAKE" for me... ^________________^ i heard it for the first time today, and i'll share it with you! hahahaha friken awesome to da max. mad scientists that can compose songs pwn! tho you really have to play the game to appreciate the song more, but it's still fun to listen to.

belated and advanced Happy Holidays to all!


Friday, November 23, 2007


gah. i hate these types of breaks... it's not long enough to let me finish the things i want to do, yet not short enough to let me feel i've had a good break... i just end up procrastinating and miserable...

no motivation...
i complicate myself too much...
some advice would be nice. -____-

Sunday, November 18, 2007

right under your nose...

ever had that moment about wanting something so bad that you end up not getting it in the end?

so this morning i woke up to find out we were running low on i decided to go buy some and made a quick list of other small things i could get...
(killing a flock of birds with one trip to the grocery store)
i had it written down as the first item on my list, i read it twice, went over the list, and by the time i got back... i got everything on the list but forgot the coffee...

same thing happened on a different day, i was bored so i decided to play okami since i never got around finishing that game
(along with many other games...sadly)
so i went to my pile of ps2 games and went digging for it, cd cases in one hand... moving cds aside... still searching... digging... nothing... i was getting annoyed about not being able to find it, that i decided to give up... only then did i realize that i was already holding from the start... i was so frustrated that i lost interest in playing the damn game... i remember asking my granma about this and she said
"it's there but our mind doesn't tell us that it's there"...
or something like that... i forget... it's ok i'm not alone. advanced happy thanks giving to all!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gaming Goods

Today was the release date for Assassin's Creed for the PS3 and 360. I wanted to get the PC version but it turns out the release date for that is early 08 not even Christmas but early next year. ahh... oh well... From the trailers and game play I've seen, it's a must have game on my list. Though I'm not quite ready to hand over the cash for a new console just to play the game. There are other games I do want to try which are console exclusive only, but still not enough to convince me. As of now, I'm fine with my PC.

Earlier I tried the demo version of COD4 to test its performance on my rig and it ran nicely. I'll probably get the full game tomorrow just to have something new to play aside from the Steam craze I've had. Seems like this year has been quite slow on games since only recently had I noticed about their sudden uproar. Mah, all for the best in my world anyway. Can't wait to see what else comes up the next few months!


My last blog is now-no-mo...
why you ask!? Well I'll tell you my good friend! Simply put, I forgot the password! teehee...

I tried their password recover thing but I could never figure it out, with all the redirects and stuff... kinda weird really. I guess in a way this is a good thing, starting off a new blog site and all... the only thing that really changed is the blog name... from the original "four year freshman" to "The" four year freshman... at first I was gonna go for the title "Former" four year freshman (with the 3 F's in line and all, for the fluffy funny feel to it! hahaha... no?) or four year "not so" freshman, since I'm no longer a freshman but already a junior! woooot! but not yet a graduate... ahh... but I'm getting there, one day at a time... one... day... at a time...

until then, yoroshiku onegaishimasu... mmm, i think i used it right... idk

In the mean time, here's a video test I made a few days ago.

It's my first time using the blogger video uploader but since this is a new blog site why not?! Hmmm... upload does seem kinda slow so I might just use my youtube uploads in future posts...

but for now, here's a link to the original size:
and feel free to leave comments! Anonymity is welcome... ;]