Sunday, March 2, 2008


i'm taking a music class for my liberal credits, plus the fact that it fit right in my block schedule for this sem. anyway, we are supposed to write a paper about any american music/concert that we have to go see live. i decided to go and check out the juilliard school, which is a train ride away from my place, only knowing they performed live music and its free. i like's em free. plus they played orchestral music. i like's me some orchestral music. secretly.

so yea, yesterday i decided to check out their site and look up their calendar for their next presentation and found one rightaway. it was at 8pm. i went there with a friend, we missed the first half cause we arrived late. we could still hear the music while we were outside and my goodness i hated myself for not knowing about this goldmine for all of my 6 years in ny.

it was a pre college concert, but it was like listening to pro's. ok ok so maybe i couldn't compare them to pro's since that was my first time ever in an orchestra, but damn. you know. damn... they kicked ass.

it's times like those that make me wish i learned how to play the piano as a kid. who knows, you know, if i did play the piano back now i'd still probably not make it in juilliard but atleast i'd know how to play the piano and be like, oh man i'm glad i learned how to play the piano as a kid. i'd probably end up buying a keyboard right after. good stuff...very good. i already plan to go visit them as often as possible. i like's me some good orchestra. secretly. you should check em out. secretly.