Friday, December 28, 2007

still alive

so i finally sat down and took some time off to finish the one game i haven't finished from The Orange Box purchase i've made, which was around... mmm... i don't remember when, but it was a while back...i didn't finish it because during my first stage run, i really didn't get what was so funny about a monotoned-female-robotic-voice telling you what and what not to do...yeah she talks about cake and all, so what? and team fortress 2 and the half life episodes were much cooler games, so i was like...ah whatever, i'll skip this...a few weeks later and... i kind of regret that i'm way behind in appreciating how much fun the game actually is! and is funny...the puzzles are actually well exploited, combined with the tools you're provided...and the end song! hahahahaha! that took the "CAKE" for me... ^________________^ i heard it for the first time today, and i'll share it with you! hahahaha friken awesome to da max. mad scientists that can compose songs pwn! tho you really have to play the game to appreciate the song more, but it's still fun to listen to.

belated and advanced Happy Holidays to all!